Our story began in 2005, with our founder’s vision of simplifying public relations through articulate communications between brands and consumers. Today, we have grown into a 360 degree brand solutions agency, with realistic, goal driven, PR strategies that focus on effective brand positioning through innovative marketing and communications.


PR is our core strength and we help our clients leverage their brand value by shaping positive public perception. Every innovation strategized by us is based on the ethical principles of respect, trust and transparency. We take accountability for every service that we offer and ensure client security, because your reputation is our responsibility.


PR is a profession of integrity where brand credibility is just as important as brand visibility. We help brands build trust and reputation index among consumers while staying true to their image. We believe in building brands through valuable consumer-client relationships and aim to serve our clients an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Swati Jalan_Founder & Owner- Communications 2.0

Swati Jalan

“Do people buy products? I feel they buy brands. Hence using PR and marketing together yields the best results! People connect with your brand due to effective PR efforts and convert into a customer as a result of your marketing tactics. While the action and strategy might be similar in Public Relations and marketing, goals are completely different – PR boosts the reputation of a brand while the key goal of marketing is to drive sales. And reputation is not built overnight!”

– Founder & Chief Strategist

Our Team

We are a team of PR specialists, digital marketing experts, social media mavericks and content generator wizards, who understand the importance of relationships are and how best to nurture them, no matter the circumstances.





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