Public Relations

“Rome was not built in a Day”!

Strong brand identity is built over time. Let’s build yours.

Public relations is all about a creative and concerted strategy to present a brand in the public eye. Sharing your passion and community involvement is a rewarding part of any branding strategy. We curate innovative strategies to help you create a connection with your audience and gain their trust & credibility in your brand. Through our integrated PR approach, we have successfully launched and strengthened the identity of several start-ups to top notch brands.

  • Primary Audience Research
  • Content and Campaign      Optimization
  • Building Trust & goodwill
  • Communication vehicle Planning

We re-define your brand value and build your reputation index !

Brand Consultancy

Every brand has a language. Let’s be fluent in ours.

In a dynamic business climate, there is no such thing as an ‘established brand’. It is crucial to be able to articulate your already-crafted brand identity in such a way that consumers understand your emotion & vision. We understand your brands intent and your clientele. Our brand consultants analyse and evaluate your brand identity and curate solutions to leverage your brand perception or may be even make changes to the exiting one to derive desired positioning and results .

  • Market Research
  • Brand Building
  • Brand Solutions
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Health & Reputation

We Dig, Discuss and Deliver!

Media relations

All that is successful has visibility.
Helping you get the right frontage.
Over the years, we have cultivated deep connections with journalists & the editorial community at large around the country to ensure that the right & key messages reach your target audience. We carefully study the information we receive from our clients and communicate with the media with a balanced relationship of trust and credibility. We release tailor-made stories that earn positive exposure for each of our clients through our established relationships with reputed contacts in the media universe.
  • Brand Journalism
  • Content Curation & Publishing
  • Managing Media Relations &               Public Affairs
  • Third-party endorsements

We amplify your brand awareness & visibility by securing positive exposure in trusted media vehicles.

Influencer Outreach

“Heard of Herd Mentality”? People buy what other people talk about. Leveraging your social following.

In a world where the majority of our consumers have access to social media, brands have the power to increase their reach and share their voice of sanity with the mass at ease. We collaborate and connect with the influencer community, which is customised for your brand need. We also tell your brand’s story by featuring write-ups in notable publications and industry articles across several social media platforms. With our effective outreach and significant connections with social media influencers, we help build a fast-paced public perception of your brand.
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Exposure in ‘trending’                              communication platforms
  • Expansion of business verticals

We collaborate, promote and strategise to create that trending positive buzz !

Brand Positioning and Management

Influential brands shape perceptions.
Articulating your brand for you.

In today’s highly competitive markets, it is all about how you position your brand to your target audience. Ensuring that your brand activity has a planned and guided goal, which focuses on what you want to offer to your consumers, we boost your brand visibility to capture the attention of your target audience and convert them into loyal, long-term consumers. We listen to you, understand your needs, your business model and even take stock of your competitors.

  • Creating Write-ups/Blogs
  • Digital &Social media promotions
  • Corporate Reputation                            Management
  • Crisis Management

We integrate your brand positioning in your consumer’s mind !

Marketing & Innovation

“Change is the only constant”. Successful brands adapt to change. Redefining brand boundaries.

In order to make an impact on your consumer’s lives, it is essential to understand what they need. Receiving feedback from consumers at the ideation stage help brands gain insight into the changing trends and create innovations. We believe in involving your consumers in your innovation process, introducing them to new products and technology, and giving your brand an edge over your competitors. Our marketing team of big thinkers and go-getters go all out to leverage your brand’s social standing and pave the path for innovations.
  • Business Marketing
  • Business Transformation
  • Business Research & Data                   Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Delivering Data Driven Insights

We combine integrated ‘communications mix’ with creativity to bring to you the ultimate brand experience.

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